• Because in our societies there are negative prejudices towards Islam and the Muslim population
  • Because we need to put an end to this prejudices based in stereotypes and clichés
  • Because this stereotypes and clichés are the result of the ignorance and the lack of knowledge about Islam
  • Because ignorance must be fought through education and information
  • Because education and information will provide us with the necessary arguments to deal with this form of discrimination
  • Because we must foster intercultural dialogue and defend a more open society, in which diversity is understood as a source of mutual enriching and not as a reason of confrontation
  • Because it’s necessary to create an educational platform that provides with the instruments and materials that will help professionals and the general public to deal with this problem
  • Because differences add
  • Because it affects us all

For all these reasons we have decided to launch the first bilingual website whose aim is to dismantle the current islamophobic prejudices and speeches, giving solid arguments based on the Islamic culture and on History. Through an objective research, we want to offer counterarguments to fight against this form of discrimination, share experiences and stories and offer material that will allow us to get involved in such an important task.